Outstanding Outer Surfaces Require
a Perfect Substrate

THERMOSTA™ is the one-of-a-kind
waterborne laminating adhesive
for single-sided application.

THERMOSTA™ is an aqueous two-component laminating adhesive that only needs to be applied on single-side and has been specially developed for bonding sewn textile Components made of leather and imitation leather to ABS, ABS/PC, and PP. One of the major advantages of THERMOSTA™ compared to conventional two-component adhesives is that it is activated by applying heat at 55 to 60 degrees Celsius. This allows the user to determine when the bonding process should begin – at any time and to the exact second. In addition, THERMOSTA™ can be removed while hot like a dispersion adhesive under appropriate repositioning forces and, under the right conditions, this allows the finished part to be removed from the mold immediately after activation.

Your Benefits with THERMOSTA™

Adhesive HD051YP0VO20991 & Activator HD051HE0VO20992

  • Single-sided adhesive application
  • Removable while hot Simplified processes
  • Less complex
  • Space-saving
  • Low investment
  • Resource-friendly adhesive
  • Viable option
  • Combines the advantages of hot-melt and waterborne adhesive systems
  • Efficient laminating technology and strong bonds
  • Innovative process and bonding technology of the future

Thomas Wittmann would be delighted about your
interest in THERMOSTA™ and would be more than happy
to discuss the many advantages of our unique laminating
adhesive with you personally, please feel free to call or email.