Outstanding Outer Surfaces Require
a Perfect Substrate

THERMOSTA® is the one-of-a-kind
waterborne laminating adhesive
for single-sided application.

THERMOSTA® stands for is the innovative laminating process of the future!

  • What makes our water-based laminating adhesive so unique?
  • Why is it a perfect choice for the many areas of application in vehicle interiors?
  • Where does THERMOSTA® make the difference?

THERMOSTA® combines all the benefits of hotmelt and adhesive dispersions - with only one-sided application on the components to be joined. This means 30% less adhesive is required, the process/cycle times are minimized by 50% and for system technology the investments in equipment are reduced.

THERMOSTA® means freedom of design in interior vehicle developments and combines a wide variety of materials thanks to outstanding adhesion to substrates such as ABS, PC/ABS, GRP, PP (pre-treated), wood fibres and metallic substrates. By activating 55-60°C, the user initiates the bonding process at any time and to the second.

THERMOSTA®  is not affected by the air humidity.

This unique adhesive system is easily processed, has low emissions and is resource-saving. In comparison to conventional 2-component adhesives, THERMOSTA® can be demoulded hot and therefore offers very fast further processing.

The result is a perfect base for first-class homogeneous surfaces.

  • 50% shorter production time thanks to one-sided application
  • 30% reduced adhesive usage
  • Reduced waste in comparison to two-sided application
  • Simple, one-sided attachment of the adhesive with different types of application.
  • No damage of the sewn material
  • Hot removal of the component from the laminating system
  • Low VOC water-based adhesive
  • Economical, efficient and responsible use of raw materials and energy in the manufacturing process
  • Excellent adhesion to different substrates and the cover material

Thomas Wittmann would be delighted about your
interest in THERMOSTA® and would be more than happy
to discuss the many advantages of our unique laminating
with you personally, please feel free to call or email.