Colors, Trends – and Unlimited Possibilities

Everyone at Votteler can confirm that it’s impossible to create a viable product without a deep passion for colors and designs. 

Thanks to our close ties to the industry, we think about what a colored product that is under development must achieve at an early stage. This process begins with our close collaboration with the raw materials industry, which means, for example, that we can incorporate innovative effects into colors early on. It then continues through in-depth discussions with the individual user industries, where our knowledge and flexibility are transformed into products that are always one step ahead of their time.

Outstanding Ideas Need to Leave the Mind and Enter the Machine

From Fascination to Inspiration

Every colored product from Votteler reflects our passion for color, appearance, and feel. Immerse yourself in Mother Nature’s color trends with us and experience the fascinating interplay of hues, nuances, shades, and degrees of gloss – of structures and textures. 

Like a photographer, we like to play with shifting perspectives – from the “wide angle” of the entire Votteler system environment to the “micro level” of the raw material and the individual effect pigment. 

Allow the tremendous variety and its possibilities to inspire you – come and experience it for yourself.

We Create Possibilities for What Seems Impossible

Designers Are Always Bound by the Limits of the Technology

A passion for design and finish is one thing – the technologies that make it possible are another. At Votteler, not only can you rely on design experts, but also on experienced application technology experts – we’re familiar with every system and keep going until the mission is accomplished.  

Our fully equipped technology centers offer all the full range of industrial application and drying capabilities. Here we can mix, apply, dry, test, and document under real conditions – just to throw it all out and go back to the drawing board again, if necessary. This is how we ensure that the desired theoretical knowledge can be translated into an established and cost-effective practice. 

We look forward to getting to know you and your ideas ... and to bringing them to life.

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