If You Can Do
Something Better,
Then You Have to Do It Better

More than 110 years ago, we began coating souvenirs like cuckoo clocks in the Black Forest. Later, we started coating elegant shoes. And since we weren’t satisfied with the quality of the available materials, we simply produced the coatings ourselves. This was so well received that other companies also wanted to purchase our coatings. So we gladly responded to these requests – and discovered and learned to love a completely new line of business. 

Today, Votteler is one of the leading developers, manufacturers, and suppliers of high-quality coatings and stains for a wide variety of industries and applications. 

Almost even more impressive than our extensive product range is the extremely broad and deep knowledge of our specialists. Their impressive expertise is a major factor in Votteler’s success – expertise that our customers and partners around the globe benefit from again and again.

We’re Votteler. Your partner for perfect surfaces since 1907.

Our Values - Rich in Tradition


In addition to business acumen, showing appreciation for one another is extremely important to us. We also believe that this includes interacting in an open-minded, honest, and fair manner. We respect each other’s individuality and the customs and traditions of other countries. We strictly adhere to all laws and guidelines. We use natural and finite resources with care and sustainability in mind. 


The following are particularly important to us:

  • Operating in compliance with the law
  • Open communication
  • Transparency
  • The ability to accept criticism
  • A goal-driven approach
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Consistent action
  • Team spirit
  • Self-reflection

The Ultimate Goal Is Clear: Enthusiasm for Everyone

Our Mission

As experts for high-quality surface finishing, we stand for...

  • ... Innovative strength, through a pioneering spirit, innovation leadership, design, and engineering skills
  • ... Profitability, through customized solutions and efficient processes
  • ... Environmental friendliness, through low-emission systems, the avoidance of
  • ... Tradition, through long-term partnerships, trusting relationships with customers, the flexibility that comes with being a medium-sized company, and sustainable operations