What Goes Together, Stays Together

After Many Years of Research and Development, Both We and Our Customers Have a Rim System at Our Disposal That Is Unlike Any Other in the World

The system can be used to produce injection molded parts, including a wide variety of surface finishes, using the Two-in-One method. And you can make full use of our technology center – for product tests, small volumes, special orders, as well as research and development activities. The tool fixture is designed to be used for tools of various sizes. In addition, two separate injection nozzles on the thermoplast system make it possible to vary injection quantities with extreme flexibility. Do you need to use tombstone and/or sliding tools in the production process you want to test? Not a problem. Our RIM system is prepared for almost any eventuality. In short – we’re ready when you are. 

Use our RIM Technology Center for:

  • Process demonstrations 
  • Process training
  • Tool samples
  • Tool tests
  • Test sample production
  • Prototype production
  • Preproduction parts
  • Development of new system combinations
  • Material and part validations

Manuel Seiz looks forward to receiving your inquiry
and will be happy to draw up a personalized offer just for you.

Good to Know

A second, fully equipped RIM Technology Center is available to you and to us in North America. More information is available from Mr. Seiz or directly from the local companies:

7305 Marietta Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63143
Phone: +1-832-791-2885