You get out of bed, take your clothes out of the closet, have a leisurely breakfast at your oak dining table, close the apartment door behind you, and drive to the harbor to look at some yachts. You’ve now already come into contact with five different industries, some of which we’ve been working with closely for decades and who place their total confidence in us. This is because the applications in which our coatings are used are as varied as our coatings themselves. After all, when it comes to surface finishing, companies that really want to make sales rely on the outsiders from Votteler.

We’d dare to call ourselves
experts in:

Now you may be wondering what “engineered ideas” are. The answer is quite simple – over the years, we’ve proven our expertise in numerous projects that can’t easily be assigned to a specific industry. We refer to these projects as “engineered ideas.” We’d love to visit you in person and tell you all about the exciting challenges we’ve worked on for fantastic customers all over the world. And while we’re there, we’d be happy to hear all about your unique challenges as well, of course.   

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