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We’ve been supplying OEMs and tiers in the automotive industry with coating systems and expertise for impressive highlights in vehicle interiors for many, many years – primarily in the field of decorative trim made of wood, carbon, and other materials. But Votteler also shines on the outside with solutions that defy the elements and protect the exterior from weather, stone chipping, car wash, resin, bird droppings, and much more. Our systems are even perfectly equipped to withstand extreme climatic conditions e.g. humidity or temperature.

As experts in the automotive sector, we offer our customers a wide range of the highest quality materials. From products to improve UV stability to solvent-based or water-based stains to matt and high-gloss top coats – all extremely easy to apply for an impressive and protective finish.

We respond to the increasing demand for surfaces with an innovative surface concept that takes every possibility into account. What the individual solution for your project will be depends on many individual factors, such as the type of wood, the shade, or the desired effects.

Auf Our specialists can also create samples of the surface finish of your dreams in our in-house color laboratory – and will be glad to do so until our solution fully meets your expectations.

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Cost-Effective and Sustainable Solutions Are Our Specialty

We understand that cost-effectiveness and sustainability aren’t mutually exclusive, but instead go hand in hand. That’s why we develop systems that...

  • Can significantly reduce the number of processing steps and cycle time
  • Minimize the amount of material required
  • Conserve resources
  • Guarantee a lower scrap rate
  • Keep emissions to a minimum
  • Are not subject to labeling requirements

Benefit from surfaces that get under your skin.

RIM Helps You
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Votteler operates one of the world’s most advanced testing facilities for reaction injection molding (or RIM for short). This makes it possible to produce wood trim components and plastic parts – on the basis of prototypes – including the desired surface finish using PURIFLOW® special coatings from Votteler in a single manufacturing process. This process is known as RIM Two-in-One. A major advantage over the RIM Two Shot process is that the substrate and top coat are created in a single cycle, eliminating the need to insert the workpiece into a second tool. This saves valuable time and money. 

RIM can already be used to create impressive 3D effects directly in the system today – effects that previously were extremely difficult to produce. We recognized the wide range of possibilities with RIM early on and today we are innovators that drive and deeply understand the process as well as system integrators of this unique technology. Or to put it another way: the right company to contact if you’re looking to get more out of RIM.

With our state-of-the-art RIM Technology Center, we offer our customers and partners a wide range of possibilities – from process demos and process training to tool sampling, test sample creation, and prototype production with material and component validation.

You can learn more about the many benefits of RIM here.

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RIM is
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The RIM COATING TECHNOLOGY CENTER at SA Engineering in Livonia, Michigan is the first demonstration, development, validation, and pilot production facility for RIM coating technology in North America. Do you have a challenge for the innovative two-in-one technology? Not a problem. Get in touch with us: 

7305 Marietta Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63143
Telefon: +1-314-312-2919

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